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Handi’Quest – Episode 1- English version 👇

Handi'Quest - Episode 1


It’s year 2223 and you are Alex Skyrunner, tremendously brave character gifted with an implacable sense of logic. Equipped with your laser cane and assisted by a dream team, you decided to find the emissary Miss Andy Cap, kidnapped by the Ster-o-typ empire.

The achievement of your mission is of capital importance. Miss Andy Cap is the only one able to bring you to the SAA (Skills Above All), a secret weapon that will allow to bring together two worlds allegedly incompatible.

If your mission to enter the space prison went perfectly, the cell door will give you some hard time. To open it, you need to enter five fragments of a secret code. This task is all the more difficult because of the guardians, able to rely on their own singularities to create the code.

Will you find all the five fragments before the guards stop you?


Standing that close to the cell door at the explosion definitely was a bad idea. Ringing and whistling noises in your ears are intermittently sounding despite the silence in the great hall. In getting closer, you realize that explosives won’t open the cell door : then, you need to find all the five fragments forming the code.

Your teammate Ivan Alone seems to have found something: he comes closer to tell you about his discovery but no way, it is hard for you to understand what he is saying with these cursed tinnitus.

Before you start, tell us more about yourself!

What is the discovery of  Ivan ALONE ?

The answer is a percentage.

Votre score est



🏆 Each day, take part in a different quest: solve a riddle and unlock a code fragment! Go to your inbox between Monday 20 November and Friday 24 November to find the final code that will allow you to save Miss Andy Cap.

🎁The 24 best Jedis will win a ticket to take part in the gaming challenge on 5 December on the website and on Twitch. May the Force be with you!


SAVE THE DATE! The grand finale will take place on 5 December, at lunchtime, on Twitch and in each of your offices. You’ll soon have an invitation in your calendar.

🎼 Divided into 12 teams of 2 Sqlians, the winners of the escape game will compete on the online race game Fall Guys live on Twitch and in the company of a Rebird player, the first handi e-sport team in the world!

🧠 To raise awareness of disability, each round will immerse the players in a disability situation, such as the deprivation of a sense. Our partner TalentĂ©o will be hosting discussions between each round. We’re counting on you to be on site to encourage your colleagues and take part in the debates!

For an even more convivial occasion, a lunch will be organized in each office. Food lovers beware!